I'm Abdullah.
I'm a Ruby Consultant based in Leicester, UK.

I have almost 10 years experience working with Ruby applications.

I've worked with frameworks such as Rails, Sinatra & Hanami.

I am able to work effectively on Legacy Applications.
Making unstable Applications become more stable with less bugs.
I have been using Ruby since the early version of 1.9.

I am able to work effectively on Green Field projects using best practises and good design. I aim to reduce as much technical debt as possible.

I have lots of experience contributing and collaborating in large teams.

I am able to take ownership of a Project. Managing the Front-end, Back-end and deploying to the Server.

I'm always happy to answer any questions.
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My Ethos

  • I am passionate about helping people and providing true value.
  • I pride myself in producing the highest quality code.
  • Always use Test Driven Development
  • I'm easy to work with
  • I have great communication skills.
  • I complete tasks on time.
  • I am very approachable.

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